Lichi successfully go into production

Tianjin Lichi China's well-known new energy vehicle factory coating line renovation project.

Added two sets of Sames PPH 707SB bell spray gun and robots with quick color change to the base coat station. The original PPH707SB bell spray gun and robot were transformed into a color process robot.

We took over the task in February and arranged to stop the line for renovation in May, which coincided with the most serious epidemic situation in the mainland city lockdown. Each person required PCR every 2 days. In the case of not being able to get the bell spray gun and important components, the BAIFU team coordinated with each other every day to overcome all difficulties, and finally delivered it to the customer on time to avoid delays and penalties. Thanks to the company's manager Chen Liping for leading the team of technician Lei, technician Li, technician Yuan, and technician Wang, who worked tirelessly, day and night, to catch up with the previously delayed construction period, and achieve the goal without disgrace!

Successfully put into production
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