First of all, we appreciated your support and great kindness to products of Baifu. We managed surface finishing market in Taiwan 30 years, in China 20 years. We always focused on professional technique and excellent quality with reasonable price. Meanwhile, we owned strong after sale service assurance from professional technical team. For above factors, we win the favor of vast customers. Customers selected “BAIFU”products. 

In recent years, we found that there are mass fake products which are made use of Baifu brand active in the market. It is very serious.
Some self-seeking companies and personnel embezzle Baifu brand by printed name card, product logo and product appearance to confuse and cheat customers.

The quality of fake products is poor which easy cause risk of damage and fire. Customer prosecuted for claim in court.  Baifu have also been involved innocent. It’s annoying. In order to protect legal right, we hereby special announce following statement. 

Please carefully verify the authenticity when purchase our products. Not be cheated by the appearance in blindly. Please take care to confirm the registered trademark, business license, manufacture factory and coating technology center. Not to be fooled by unscrupulous businessman. 

We provided following e-mail address for prosecution.

In case we investigate the prosecution is true, we will provide reward to righteous person for crackdown illegal and prevent counterfeiting. 

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